Wine roads

The Zagreb surroundings form a beautiful necklace around the capital city. There are few European metropolitan cities that can boast of such natural beauty, such diversity, such historical and cultural wealth in its midst. The most distinctive features of this region are certainly its vineyards and wineries. Zagreb County, one of the best wine-growing regions in the country, encircles Zagreb in the shape of a real lucky horseshoe. Furthermore, the county is the top national producer of grapes and wines. The natural features, soil, sun and climate, but most of all the worthy hands of the grape-growers and wine-makers, their knowledge, experience, persistence and love for their work, is nurtured here. The result is a range of noble wines that are enjoyed by both choosy enologists and “ordinary” wine lovers. There are vineyards in almost the very heart of Zagreb, with some vines only a few hundred metres from the main city traffic arteries. Many Zagreb residents are passionate wine-growers and wine-makers. Though usually only they themselves, friends and family can enjoy the drops made in their cellars and wine huts due to the small quantity produced, an extra bottle or two occasionally finds its way to local restaurants. Larger wineries making greater quantities and having a reputed name on the market are present in the areas of Samobor, Jastrebarsko, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Vrbovec…

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