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Vlaškovec 171, Vlaškovec, 10450 Jastrebarsko

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Villa Plešivica View 5* is a holiday home situated on the slopes of Plešivica, a 30-minutes’ drive from the Croatian capital Zagreb. Plešivica is a part of the nature park Žumberak - Samoborsko gorje, and is nicknamed "the Champagne region of Croatia," being a favourite spot of many food and wine lovers as well as a popular hiking trail.

Villa Plešivica View fuses the traditional, the local, and the modern, industrial style and is surrounded by pristine nature. Every detail was carefully chosen to give the Villa an air of elegance, airiness, and warmth. Newly built and renovated completely in 2022, the Villa boasts a unique foyer, a spacious living room, two bedrooms, a separate kitchen, two magnificent bathrooms, and a beautiful terrace. The unique features of the Villa are its window walls that offer an unimpeded view of the sky and the enchanting vineyards and orchards on the slopes. The gardens consist of an infinty pool, four separate terraces and a charming gazebo. Surrounding all this are over 3000 square meters (32000 square feet) of lawns bordered by native fruit trees and rich local flora. The style of the Villa is eclectic, combining modern designer furniture with refurbished vintage art deco and secession pieces which are a part of the family heritage. The Villa offers a unique view of the picturesque Jastrebarsko town and its surroundings, all the way to neighbouring Slovenia.

Jastrebarsko and the surrounding countryside have long been known for their rich culture, historic heritage and natural beauty. The town of Jastrebarsko itself, known as Jaska among the locals, has been declared a European City of the Future and with its charm and natural resources of its surrounding areas it has become an unmissable tourist destination.

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