Holiday house "HRUPEC"



Šulinec 70, 10380 Sv. Ivan Zelina

Mob: 098 199 0873Mob: 098 953 6608Email:

Holiday house Hrupec is situated in Sveti Ivan Zelina in the heart of the green foothill. It is located on a hill slope from which you have a view on Kalnik, Vrbovec, the foothill, groves, orchards and the most beautiful view on Sveti Ivan Zelina. Other than a pleasant and warm environment of the land, you will have an opportunity to see rich vineyards, a spectacular landscape, and taste domestic dishes prepared in a traditional way. The land is spread on a surface of almost 4,000 m2. The house is unique because it was built in 1895 and everything in it is rustical, and it is 500 m away from the center of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

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