Digital nomads

Who are the digital nomads?

A digital nomad is an entrepreneur or employee who uses digital technologies almost exclusively to do their job. At the same time, he is independent and leads life in several places. Digital nomads usually work on the road and mostly where there is internet.
With various countries now looking to attract digital nomads, Croatia has expanded its short-term residency permits to include travelers from outside the European Union.
The applicants must work remotely for a company that isn't registered in Croatia and doesn't perform work or provide services to employers there. Temporary stays are granted for up to a year, and close family members may join them there. Applicants from countries whose citizens are required to hold a visa to enter Croatia must submit their application abroad at one of the country's diplomatic missions or consular posts. Those who are not required to hold a visa can submit their application at a diplomatic mission, consular post or police administration or police station relevant to their temporary residence address.
They must not have a criminal record and are required to enclose a copy of a valid travel document, proof of health insurance and a contract of employment or other document proving their work arrangements. They must also provide proof of means of subsistence during their stay, and submit a bank statement or proof of regular income to their account in which they must have a minimum of HRK28,800 (€3802) available for a period of 12 months.

Digitalni nomadi

Explore Zagreb County as a digital nomad

The wonderful world of digital nomads and the new age allows you to stay and work in Croatia for up to a year and explore all the natural and cultural beauties of the country. Apart from the proximity of the capital, Zagreb County offers you picturesque places with a peaceful rhythm of life, gentle and fertile villages, plenty of natural beauty ... Add traces of long history, proudly preserved heritage, rich local cuisine, authentic wines. So, add sincere hospitality to everything and you get the surroundings of Zagreb. For those who take up the short-term residency permit, Zagreb County has a rich cultural legacy with excellent museums, and outdoor-lovers will enjoy Nature park Žumberak, which offers numerous hiking and biking trails.

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