The municipality of Rugvica is one of the municipalities of the Zagreb County formed in 1993, by separating from the municipality of Dugo Selo. It consists of 23 settlements spread over an area of 93.73 km2. With its location, this municipality borders with Zagreb in the north, Dugo Selo in the east, Ivanić Grad in the south and the western border is the Sava River, which separates it from the municipality of Orle. The municipality is named after the settlement Rugvica which is located in the central part of the municipality. The very location of this village conditioned it to be an educational, political and economic center. There is the building of the Elementary School Rugvica, the School Sports Hall and the building of the local government of the Municipality located next to the Fire Department. It is also home to the largest economic zone. This area is on average at 300 m above sea level and has always allowed agriculture, and the fertile soil along the Sava river for centuries has allowed families to produce food for their own needs. This once highly agricultural area at the end of the 20th century began to take on new shapes and events during the Homeland War and later influenced the fact that this area significantly changed its demographic and economic characteristics.


Tourist attractions

Designer Outlet Croatia

Designer Outlet Croatia is a new and unique shopping destination located opposite of the IKEA store, in the commercial zone - Rugvica, an area of about 15,000 square meters. Here you can find more than 100 fashion and lifestyle brands. The architecture of the Outlet is inspired by Croatian regions, so among other things, replicas of the Dubrovnik city tower and the Lotrščak tower were built in it.

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