Krašić, a town with a population of 3,200 lies in the southwestern part of Zagreb County, 23 km from the Zagreb–Karlovac motorway and 50 km from Zagreb.Krašić is a place of prayer, peace and pilgrimage, and the birthplace and place of death of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac (Krašić Days, 8 May). The Blessed Cardinal Stepinac was born in the village Brezarić in 1989, and served a 16-year sentence in a home prison. This is also the birthplace of Cardinal Franjo Kuharić (Pribić), Bishop Juraj Jezerinac (Prekrižje), and Bishop Josip Mrzljak. In addition to religious tourism, there are also numerous sporting activities available here, including hiking and golf (Mirkopolje). The development of tourism is one of the top priorities for the municipality. Krašić was previously known for the development of religious tourism. The nearby village of Brezarić is the birthplace of the blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac (1898-1960), who spent the final years of his life in the Krašić parish office under house arrest, as part of a 16 year sentence. The one hundredth anniversary of the cardinal’s birth was formally commemorated on 8 May 1998 with the unveiling of a monument on the newly completed square before the Church of the Most Holy Trinity. Since 1994, the cardinal’s birthday, 8 May, is also celebrated as Krašić Municipality Day. In addition to the blessed Alojzije Stepinec, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić (village of Pribić), Bishop Juraj Jezerinac (village of Prekrižje), Bishop Josip Mrzljak and many other ecclesiastical officials were also born in the Krašić area. As such, this area can rightfully be called a place of prayer, peace and pilgrimage, and most of all the birthplace and death place of the blessed Alojzije Stepinac.


Tourist attractions

The Days of Krašić region

Visitors and holiday makers can enjoy a glass of high quality wine, plum or pear brandy, and they can try tasty home-cooked specialities (cottage cheese strudel, etc.). Traditional festivities are organised. These include the Days of Krašić region held in May around the anniversary of Cardinal Stepinac’s birthday who was born on 8th May. Festivities last three or four days. Marked is also 10th February when the Cardinal died, as well as 3rd October when he was beatified. Thanksgiving days when thanks are given for fruits of the land (“Days of Bread”) are held in October. During the year many church feasts are held. Only 9 km from Pribić is the ancient town of Ozalj. The Žumberak hills are only 15 km away.


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