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Distance from Zagreb

18 km

The city of Zaprešić is located only 17 km west from Zagreb. Zaprešić and its surroundings offer several interesting tourist facilities: 5 castles, flora & fauna reserves, excellent gastronomic offer and traditional events. Novi dvori Jelačićevi is one of the best preserved feudal economic units in Croatia.


Tourist attractions

A walk through the New Jelačić Palace

The New Jelačić Palace is a unique example of the preservation of the entire economic manor complex. This monument of cultural and historical heritage was built around 1611, and over the years it has changed numerous owners: the Zrinski, Festetić, Čikulin, Erdödy and Sermage families. The last owners of the complex were the noble family Jelačić from 1851, when it was bought by Ban Jelačić for 175,000 silver forints. In his possession, the castle was thoroughly renovated and upgraded. On an area of 20 hectares you can see the castle, the chapel of St. Joseph, the neo-Gothic tomb of the Jelačić family, the granary which has now been converted into the Museum Matija Skurjeni, the gardener’s house where the restaurant is located, and several outbuildings. It is an object dating from the 17th century, and is specific for its special architecture. With the central part of the round ground plan, it is the oldest preserved building of this type in Croatia and a representative example of economic construction. Today it serves as a multi-functional space for various events.

Lužnica Castle

If you want to step into the past, you must visit and see the castle Lužnica, which will delight you with the harmony of its architecture, the warmth of the space and the breath of the past. Today, the Lužnica castle is owned by the Sisters of Charity, and it is a one-storey castle that was built on the site of a former castle. The structural distinctiveness of the castle stands out through the architectural endeavour with corner towers that are cylindrical in shape, placed on the outer corners and represent a baroque treatment of the Renaissance motif. Unlike numerous castles in Hrvatsko Zagorje, where the chapel occupies the space that connects both floors, the chapel of the Holy Cross in the Lužnica castle is located only on the first floor. The performances of the late Baroque, i.e. Rococo inventory are also refined. After a walk and a tour of the castle, end your visit to this beautiful place in the park that stretches around the castle, which has been declared a protected area in the category of Monuments of Park Architecture. The beautiful park consists of an English park and lake, woods and promenades…

Horseback riding and golf

For lovers of riding and relaxing from the stress under the warm Zaprešić sun on comfortable outdoor gazebos, there is the Equestrian Club Trajbar Team. If you want to feel at least to some extent how Ban Josip Jelačić once rode this area, you must also visit this place. This club has been offering an elegant atmosphere to all lovers of nature, horses and equestrian sports since 1996. Over the years, it has become a tourist - sports destination that organizes national and international competitions, and a pleasant stay is provided in the cafe bar and restaurant of the club. If you would like to learn to play golf, then you should definitely visit the Golf Club Ban Jelačić, whose courses are located in the beautiful complex of New Palaces. The club is suitable for advanced players, but also for beginners who can attend golf school or take individual tuition. The canter contains a training ground for short, medium and long games, for final shots and a canopy with four seats, while the lighting of the entire training ground allows field users to enjoy this sport in the late hours of the night.

Kameni svati – PP Medvednica

Kameni svati is a group of dolomite rocks formed on the western edge of Medvednica, just above the village of Jablanovac. According to folklore, the rocks were formed by the mother of a groom, dissatisfied with her future daughter-in-law, petrifying the wedding guests with a curse. The poem „Kameni svatovi" by August Šenoa, written in 1869, also speaks about that. At a distance of 5 minutes from the top is the mountain house Kameni svati (480 m).

Lake Zajarki

Lake Zajarki is the largest artificial lake in the vicinity of Zaprešić, and with a sports pond, along the river Krapina, it is a real little paradise for fishermen, but also one of the favourite recreational areas for residents of the city and its surroundings. In addition to beach sports, enjoy untouched nature, try fishing or simply relax with a family picnic or barbecue outdoors.

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