Sveti Ivan Zelina


Trg Ante Starčevića 13, 10380 Sveti Ivan Zelina


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Distance from Zagreb

32 km

Sveti Ivan Zelina is especially known for its numerous vineyards and the production of quality wines. Zelina Wine Road, which passes through the wine-growing villages of the Zelina region, is particularly interesting for tourists. Zelina proudly bears the title of the "Queen of Prigorje", and the Prigorje lookout. You should reach its peaks and enjoy the view of the surrounding picturesque villages, orchards, vineyards, arable land, forests and meadows on the plain of the river Lonja or the surrounding and distant mountains.


Tourist attractions

Zelina wine road

The Zelina Wine Road passes through wine-growing villages of the Zelina region, in the Prigorje subregion. It has wine cellars, vineyards and cellars of famous Zelina winegrowers. Vineyard areas provide with on the southern slopes of the nearby mountains. Winemakers, members of the wine road, offer their wines and traditional gastronomic delicacies to anyone who wants to get to know the beauties of the Zelina region. In addition to beautiful views of the wineyards, the kind hosts offer their wines from the world’s most famous grape varieties, and special attention is paid to the Queen of Prigorje - kraljevina, the indigenous wine variety of this region.


Zelingrad is a medieval fortified town built in the 13th century, located on south slopes of Medvednica mountain near the town of Zelina. Once an imposing burg, it guarded important roads, but over the centuries it has fallen into disrepair. Nevertheless, it is a valuable cultural monument and a reminder of a more turbulent period in local history.

A walk through the Zelina Mountains

Passing through the untouched nature and landscaped forest roads, explore the top of Zelinska gora, Kladeščica, which is located in the eastern part of Medvednica and can be reached from Sv.Ivana Zelina through the settlement of Biškupec Zelinski. You can reach Kladeščica on foot or by bike. By the way, the Kladeščica area is a small weekend village with numerous cottages, beautiful lawns and meadows where you can enjoy a picnic in the fresh air with lots of greenery and untouched nature. The trail has an educational character and warns of preserving nature and the environment. Ten educational wooden boards were set up describing and presenting plant and animal species, endangered and protected species, fungal species and the importance of water such as streams and Zelinska glava, which is listed as a water source among 23 protected areas in Zagreb County.

International Knights Tournament

Become a knight and return to the Middle Ages for a day. The Knights of Zelingrad is an organization that has been studying and presenting the culture of the Middle Ages for years: lifestyle, cuisine, arms, knight tournaments and traditional crafts. International Knights Tournament is held every year in June so you can experience the siege of the city, try your hand at sword fighting and archery, and try medieval delicacies.

Manor houses in Zelina

In the category of residential buildings, in north-western Croatia in the 19th century, by parcelling out estates and selling larger feudal estates, mostly smaller castles and manors, large single-storey houses or single-storey houses with estates were built. The names of the manor houses, known even today, are mostly associated with their owners, the wealthier families of the time. In the vicinity of Zelina are situated dozens of manor houses, the most famous of which are Nespeš, Omilje, Domjanić, Lentulaj-Dolenc, the castle of St.Helena etc.

Adrenaline routes

If you are a fan of adrenaline and eager for adventure, get to know your adventurous side by participating in off road tours or rent an ATV/quad and explore the surroundings of the Zelina region together with your family and friends. Play "Airsoft" military simulation sport, similar to paintball, where replicas of firearms are used, which eject balls made of hard plastic, with a diameter of 6 to 8 millimetres. If you are a cycling fan, the bike paths on the hills of Zelina and the roads of Zelinska gora are designed to get to know the hills of the Zelina vineyards, which are challenging because of their numerous steep ascents and descents, and because of the most beautiful viewpoints you can imagine. BK "Bregdown" organizes bicycle downhill trails on Kladešćica. Adrenaline enthusiasts can embark on an extreme ride through a landscaped forest trail full of dangerous bends, narrow passages and high jumps.

Mushroom picking in the woods

In the forests of the Zelina region you can pick mushrooms on your own or in the organization of the mushroom association "Amanita", which organizes mushroom picking, specialist lectures, enjoying in various delicacies, eco-ethno-eno offer, workshops for children and tasting cauldron mushroom and hunting cauldron.

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