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Distance from Zagreb

36 km

The town of Jastrebarsko is located in the area of southwest Zagreb County, halfway between Zagreb and Karlovac. It is the most important wine-growing area of central Croatia. The surrounding areas of Jaska include several attractive excursion destinations, including the Crna Mlaka ornithological reserve, the Plešivica wine road and the highest peak of the Samobor hills, Mt. Japetić


Tourist attractions

Wine road of Plešivica

Plešivica has a long tradition of viticulture and winemaking; the vine was grown perhaps by the Illyrians and the ancient Romans Plešivica cellars are a recognizable symbol of this area where Plešivica wines have been made for centuries, and more recently more and more sparkling wines. On the slopes of Plešivica there are the centuries old vineyards also known as Plešivica amphitheatres. Because of its position and inclination, these amphitheatres of fertile land are excellent for producing premium grapes and wines.. What is a Beaujolais for the France, it is a Portugizac for Croatia!

Erdody Castle Park

The Erdödy Castle, a square Renaissance burg with corner towers surrounded by moats filled with water (the so-called"Wasserburg"), was built by Ban Matija Gereb between 1483 and 1489. Around the castle there is a beautiful park that makes a considerable contribution to the richness of biological and ecological diversity of Jastrebarsko region. The park has been protected as a natural monument of garden architecture.


Japetić, the highest peak of Samoborska gora (879 m) is one of the most famous picnic spots of this area. Due to its natural beauties it has been turned into a reserve of forest vegetation.. When you reach the top you can enjoy the view from a 12 m viewing platform. Another breathtaking view of Prigorje, Žumberak, Pokuplje, Klek and weather permitting even the Alps, is that from the hunting lodge on Žitnica. Due to its excellent cuisine, Žitnica is one of the favourite picnic spots.

Watermill and Millers’ House

The Jastrebarsko area is rich in water, and there used to be a large number of watermills operating in the region. Nowadays, however, there are only few mills still standing. Fortunately, Sveta Jana association recognized their importance, and renewed one of the old watermills. Godrijan’s watermill on the Draga brook in the village of Draga Svetojanska was built around 1890, and restored in 2007. In April 2009, another valuable building was erected beside the mill in Draga Svetojanska. It is the Miller’s House, a cultural master piece. Built beside the mill on the Draga brook, this priceless treasure reminds us of times past, and the life that used to be led in the area.

Repro Eko

Repro Eko is a family farm specializing in the production and processing of quality organic food. The farm is located in the village of Volavje near Jastrebarsko. The central item of the farm is a renovated old mill located by a brook. The farm is also suitable as a venue for various seminars and workshops, relaxation and anti-stress programs, school trips, vegetarian and vegan weddings, etc.

Exhibit of barrel-making tools from the Golub family collection

Within the framework of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Milivoj Ivo Golub’s collection of coopering tools in Jastrebarsko, the Golub family opened to the public a collection that consists of 233 exhibits containing traditional hand tools and devices once used in making wooden utensils (one of the exhibits was opened in the Vienna tool factory J .Weiss & Sohn, founded in 1820), old photographs of the traditional way of making barrels, as well as wooden utensils used in the process of wine production (saw mills, buckets, barrels of various volumes and ages/ year of 1843!). In 2014, the collection gained the status of a cultural asset from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. In 2013, it gained the status of a traditional craft from the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Jastrebarsko Town Museum and Gallery

City Museum and Gallery are located in a representative redecorated old city hall building, built in 1826. The museum contains archaeological, cultural, historic and ethnographic heritage of Jastrebarsko region. Here is also exposed the famous "Bula", Charter of King Bela IV with which on January 12th 1257 Jastrebarsko attained the status of free royal trading town.

Franciscan monastery and the Church of St.Marcus Aurelius Marius

This extraordinary sacred edifice enters the highest category of cultural monument values in Croatia. Gothic core was built in the 16th century, and with erecting eastern and western wing in the early 18th century, the monastery and the church get a Baroque character. The particularities of the building are certainly rich Baroque inventory and numerous works of art. Within the monastery there is a library that keeps valuable books and old maps.

Water source in Sveta Jana

Healthy, fresh spring water is now a symbol of economy of Sveta Janat. Old, very abundant thermal springs in the village Svetojanske Toplice confirms from ancient times that this region is extremely rich in quality water. Because of its balanced mineral composition and top quality, spring water Jana that is bottled by Jamnica in the bottling facility Celine, found itself in the very top of the world market and has achieved a remarkable success.

Jaska Bike

When riding a bicycle on numerous marked and unmarked trails, forest paths and roads you will get to know Jaska and its surroundings in the possible way. From easy rides on a flat terrain and mountain biking on Japetić - Jaska offers you all! Also, you have the option to rent and try electric bikes (city or mountain). The modern electric bicycle storage is located at Jastrebarsko Music School, and bicycles are rented via automated Nexbike billing system We definitely recommend that you download the application "Jaska Bike"; namely, the application Jaska Bike will safely guide you through 8 interesting routes of different characters with the help of your smartphone. With the help of the application, you can prepare yourself before the trip and find out about everything you can see on the trail, but also what awaits you on it.

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