Dugo Selo


Ulica Josipa Zorića 1, 10370 Dugo Selo


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Distance from Zagreb

20 km

Dugo Selo is situated some 20 kilometres from the center of the Croatian capital. As a a recognised Saint Martin-related heritage tourism destination, it was first mentioned as "terra sancta Martini" in the charter King Andrew II issued in 1209, in which he granted the "land of St. Martin"- the area of what is today Dugo Selo - to the Templars. Saint Martin is is the patron saint of the town and parish, wine yards and winegrowers. In the region of Dugo Selo, which has historically been designated as the Land of St.Martin, a valuable St. Martin’s tangible and intangible heritage was created.


Tourist attractions

The Church of St. Martin on Martin breg

It is the most important first class cultural monument in this region. The church dates from 1209th years. It was built in the Baroque-Gothic style. Today the church is in a ruined state but shall be revitalised as part of an ongoing reconstruction project. In front of the church there is a wooden sculpture of St. Martin, whose small sized replica is sold as a unique souvenir of Dugo Selo. "Footsteps of St. Martin" - since 2007, when a stylized metal "foot of St.Martin" was placed on the old St. Martin’s Church, Dugo Selo was officially included in the international travel book starting from the French town of Tours where Sv.Martin performed the service of bishop.The international route includes European regions, cities, parish and areas where St.Martin is venerated, and Dugo Selo is the first and for now the only place in Croatia included in that international route.

The Drašković mansion

The remnants of the Drašković mansion are situated in the Count Drašković Gardens This estate included the area of today’s park with lush vegetation, castle of which are left only the tower and the well, and a hundred year old building of today’s Court.

Enjoy the walk

The promenade of countess Drašković is located in the central part of Dugo Selo, in a narrow strip of forest along the Martin breg stream. The promenade in the southern part is continued by the Count Drašković Park with a residential tower as a remnant of the former mansion/manor. The starting point can be the Count Drašković Park or the football stadium, Sportska ulica 6.The educational path of Martin breg stretches a total length of 4 km, the beginning of the path is on Martin Breg, it continues towards Cerje, and ends on the main road from Zagreb to Bjelovar, at the entrance to the city. The path is lined with 15 information boards.

Lakes on Ciglana

Lake Sportski ribnjak was formed at the same time as Lake Ciglana. Today, with less than 1 ha in area and an average depth of 1.5 m, it is one of the most attractive lakes in this area for training of competitors and fishermen who want to catch smaller fish. It is overgrown with water lilies on all sides, which creates a beautiful view, and the fact that it is located only a few meters away from the terrace of the restaurant Bunčić makes it even more attractive.

City trail

In the footsteps of St. Martin is a long-distance city bike trail. A short, but very picturesque urban route through the very centre and the most attractive hill in the Dugo Selo region, Martin Breg. This route leads you right into the heart of the Dugo Selo vineyards, to weekend settlements on Martin Breg, and to the remnants of the oldest monument paying homage to St. Martin in this region.

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